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Vendor Information: New Zealand Performance Horses (NZPH) is based in Hawkes Bay, NZ and is owned by David & Bridget Kirk. The NZPH brand was established in 1995 and has grown to be one of the countries most successful and prominent sport horse studs.


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Product Description

D.O.B: 2019

Height: 15hh

EMH: 16.3hh

Sire: Quool Du Bois Margot

Dam: Questions NZPH

Gender: Gelding

Colour: Brown


Know it All NZPH has big movement and personality.

Athletic and light, he has ground covering movement, three good paces and a sharp, sensitive mind. Know it All has plenty of blood paired with strong yet elegant conformation. Just a yearling, this gelding is already well developed and will certainly grow into an impressive sport horse.



Quool du Bois Margot is a beautiful horse with a lot of strength that has demonstrated his ability by its track record in young horses and up to good international level. He has a beautiful pedigree with precious blood line for breeding. He passes frame, bone and usually beautiful necklineexits. He also transmits his amplitude and most often a great ease of use.He suits best mares with blood.

“Belonging to one of the best French dam lines. A former French National Champion at 3 and 5 years old, a winner in CSIO. He brings size, strength and beautiful gaits.”

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Dam Lines:

His dam Questions NZPH is by the French stallion Fetiche du Pas. He is a combination Le Tot de Semilly and Almé, along with two Thoroughbreds, Night & Day and Furioso. Fetiche was himself the French Six Year old champion, and he was starting a very promising career which unfortunately ended early due to a car accident.

“He gives his progeny a lot of energy – he is twice Warmblood but I would not be surprised if he sires a good Three Day eventer, his stock are willing horses, they want to go.” – Arnaud Evain


NZPH Relations:

Know it All NZPH is a 1/2 sibling to:

  • Bingo NZPH (jumping 1.40m).
  • Can’t Touch This NZPH (jumping 1.40m).
  • Google NZPH
  • Discreet NZPH
  • Hurricane NZPH

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A basic examination of all 12 horses in the NZPH Auction was conducted by Vet Services Hawkes Bay on the 6th January, 2021.

All 12 horses passed a basic clinical examination and were in good general health. X-rays of the two & three year olds were taken, this included front feet, front fetlocks, hind fetlocks, and hocks, which are available on request.

When a request for x-rays has been received by Equus Auctions it will be passed on to Vet Services Hawkes Bay who will then send the x-rays directly onto the prospective bidders chosen veterinarian. This information is confidential and will only be sent to a qualified veterinarian for examination.

Please note this does not constitute a pre-purchase examination and New Zealand Performance Horses, Equus Auctions and Vet Services Hawkes Bay take no legal responsibility. If you wish to conduct a pre-purchase examination you are able to do so at your own expense from the 18th January 2021 – 14th February 2021. The sale of the horse is unconditional from the close of the online auction and pre-purchase examinations cannot be done retrospectively.

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