Sport Horse Auctions

Sport Horse Auction

Auctions are the next step forward for our sport horse industry.

Are you a breeder of quality Dressage mounts, Showjumpers or Eventers?

Auctions both live and online have become a monumental part of the success story of the sport horse in Europe and America, it’s time New Zealand joined in. Online auctions present the opportunity for breeders to showcase the quality of their horses, their breeding program and sell multiple horses in a competitive and exciting format.


Benefits of an Online Auction:

  • Buyers can bid from anywhere! At home, at work or while travelling, making your auction accessible to buyers globally.
  • A simple online bidding system, reducing confusion and stress for both buyer and seller. We make bidding easy!
  • A professional and comprehensive marketing platform for your horses.
  • An exciting, competitive event, generating more publicity than traditional sales and increasing interest in your business.
  • Opportunity to sell MULTIPLE horses in one event.


Custom Pricing

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

  • Your own auction on
  • Professional photos and videos (including editing) of each horse, including conformation and ridden if applicable.
  • Includes all marketing material required such as digital posters, adverts for each horse, pedigree chart etc.
  • A full catalogue both printable and downloadable.
  • Extensive digital marketing through our website and social media.
  • Auction catalogue will be sent as an email newsletter to our subscribers.
  • Auction featured on our website homepage.
  • Unlimited auction lots.
  • A description of your business and your logo included on your auction page.
We can cater to your individual needs with several styles of auctioning available including traditional online auctions, silent auctions or an online to live event transitioning auction. Thinking of doing a live auction instead? We can help.
Please note that Terms and Conditions apply to all auction listings.