• Do I need an account to bid?

    Yes, you need to register with your correct details by creating an account with Equus Auctions to bid.

  • How do I bid on an auction lot?

    Easy! Create an account, once verified you can head to your auction and bid when it is live. Any questions? Contact Equus Auctions at info@equusauctions.co.nz.

  • How will I know if I’m outbid?

    The leading bidder’s name can be seen at all times during the auction so you can see if you are winning. You will also receive a email notification.

  • Can I retract or delete a bid?

    No, your bid is binding if you win the auction.

  • Do the bids include GST?

    The bidding does not include GST. Please note that the winning bid may be PLUS GST, if applicable to the seller.

  • What is a maximum bid or an auto-bid?

    You can place a maximum bid (sometimes known as an auto-bid) to a value of your choice. This means the site will automatically place the minimum bid for you whenever you’re outbid, until you win the auction or until your auto-bid is exceeded by another bidder. If your auto-bid is exceeded then you will receive an email notification saying you have been outbid.

  • Can anyone see my maximum/auto-bid?

    Your maximum/auto-bid is 100% confidential. No one can see what your maximum bid has been set to, including the administrators of the auction. This gives bidder peace of mind that the auction is secure and bids will not be 'driven up'.

  • Why has the auction extended past its end time?

    This is called extended bidding. The Extended Bidding option automatically extends the end time of the lot by 3 minutes when it receives a bid during the final 3 minutes. This process repeats until no new bids are received during the final 3 minutes of the item bidding window or the auction has been extended for a maximum of 30 minutes beyond the original end time. This prevents what is called ‘Sniper Bidding’, which is when a bidder places a bid at the very end of the auction so that other bidders don’t have the opportunity to outbid

  • What is the minimum bid increment?

    This varies between auctions and the lot values. Some will have set minimum bid increments and other will have fully customisable bids. Please see the auctions Terms & Conditions to confirm bidding procedures.

  • Are there any additional fees?

    You do not need to pay any additional fees to bid on Equus Auctions. Please note that the winning bid may be PLUS GST, if applicable to the seller. You can check this in the Auction Conditions.

  • Can I view and inspect the goods before bidding?

    This varies between auctions. Please contact Equus Auctions for details.

  • Why has the current bid suddenly jumped substantially?

    This will usually be because one bidders has set an auto-bid that has exceeded the value of another participants auto-bid, resulting in a substantial jump in the current bid. You can see what bids were automated, as they will have 'Auto' next to them in the bid history.

  • How can I bid anonymously?

    Head to the My Account page and click on the 'Account details' tab. Here you can edit your display name, which is what other views/bidder will see while your bidding. You can then choose a display name which will allow you to bid anonymously.

  • I have accidentally entered an incorrect bid! What can I do?

    If you legitimately made a mistake then email info@equusauctions.co.nz or private message our Facebook page immediately.

  • Can I see previous bids?

    Yes you can see the bid history of all auctions. Head to the multi-tabs on the auction page, the last tab is called 'Bids'. Here you will be able to see the auction's full bid history including the bid value, the time of bid, and who the bidder was.

After Purchase


  • How do I sell through Equus Auctions?

    For more information on selling through Equus Auctions check out our SELL page. Interested in running an auction? Contact us.

  • What can I sell on Equus Auctions?

    Equus Auctions specialise in selling the following: • Sport Horses. These are horses of a certain level of quality, bred for show jumping, eventing or dressage, and usually have warmblood bloodlines. • Horse Products. We auction all sorts of equine related products on behalf of businesses. These are required to be new, or in new condition, so our bidders know exactly what they are buying.

  • What fees are involved?

    We charge a commission on all goods sold through Equus Auctions, except for Fundraising Auctions where we charge no commission but there is a small listing fee. For more information check out our SELL page, or Contact Us.

  • Who can list a horse to sell?

    At this stage we are only hosting Sport Horse Auctions on behalf of established, professional breeders/studs.

  • Who can list a product to sell?

    Trustworthy New Zealand businesses, selling new or new-condition products.


  • How do I create an account?

    1. Click on the My Account/Sign Up button on the website menu at the top of the screen. 2. Once on the My Account/Sign Up page, click sign up. 3. Enter your correct details, including full contact information. 4. Accept the Terms & Conditions of Equus Auctions and click ‘Create Account’. 5. You will now receive a verification email at the email address you have entered. If it does not appear please check your junk mail. 6. Click the Verify button on the email and it will take you back to your Equus Auctions account. You are now ready to bid!

  • How do I get notification of your upcoming auctions?

    Everyone with an account on Equus Auctions will receive updates of upcoming auctions and their details. Don’t have an account but want to receive updates? Sign up to our Newsletter.

  • What’s a watchlist?

    A watchlist is a place to save all your favourite upcoming auction lots. These can all be easily viewed in one place on your 'My Account' page, located under the Watchlist tab.

  • How do I update my account details?

    To update or edit your account details, simply head to your My Account/Sign Up page and click on the Account Details tab, located on the left hand side of the page. Here you will be able to edit details such as your username, email address and password.

  • I forgot my password, how do I log in?

    If you have forgotten your password there is a ‘Lost your password?’ link located on the bottom left hand corner of the Login page, under the LOG IN button. Follow the link, enter your email address and then press the RESET PASSWORD button. This will generate an email to your entered email address where you will be able to reset your account password.

  • I created an account but didn’t receive the approval email?

    Check your junk mail for the approval email. If it is not located there, or in your inbox then double check you are using the correct email address and that your email address is working. You can also try using an alternative email address.


  • How do I list my horse or product?

    If you’re interested in running an online auction first check out our Sell page to see more information and then contact Equus Auctions.

  • Who can list an auction?

    At this time we only run auctions on behalf of businesses and professional breeders/studs. The exception to this is during our 'General Auctions' where everyone is given the opportunity to put their sport horse forward for selection for the auction catalogue. If you would like to do this please contact us for more information.

  • Who can hold a fundraising auction?

    Any equestrian related group/business/non-profit/committee looking to fundraise in relation to our sport.


  • Who are we?

    Equus Auction (www.equusauctions.co.nz) is an online auctioning website and a licensed auctioneer. We aim to help promote and stimulate the sport horse industry in New Zealand by making buying and selling easier, accessible and reliable, with a user-friendly online system.

  • Does it cost to bid on Equus Auctions?

    There is no cost to register or to bid.

  • What fees are involved with Equus Auctions?

    Depending on the auction there can be a listing fee and/or a commission if the goods sell through Equus Auctions. These fees are only applicable to the auction vendor.

  • Where would I find a copy of the Terms and Conditions?

    Our full Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of each page, under Quick Links. Please note that each auction also has its own conditions, which are set by the seller and can be found on their auction page.

  • Can I contact the seller directly?

    Yes, each auction has the seller’s detail on the main auction page including contact information. You are able to contact them directly with questions about their goods.

Please note that Terms and Conditions apply to all auction listings.