Emerald X Cassiano X Pionier Embryo

Winning Bid: $4,109.00

1x Embryo sired by Emerald, out of Cassiana ECPH (Cassiano X Pionier X Oldenburg). This is very special auction item for an embryo with highly sought after bloodlines. This item has been kindly donated by East Coast Performance Horses, in conjunction with Global Performance Horses, all proceeds will go towards supporting the National Young Horse Jumping Championships. Please read the terms of this auction below carefully.

This auction has NO RESERVE!

Item condition: New

Product Description

1x Embryo sired by Emerald, out of Cassiana ECPH (Cassiano X Pionier X Oldenburg). This is very special auction item for an embryo with highly sought after bloodlines. This embryo has a creation cost of $3500 + GST, and much higher commercial value!


Sire Emerald (Diamant de Semilly X Carthago Z) is legendary, with an endless list of accolades including the Rio Olympic Games he has dominated international competitions at the highest level. His charisma, endless talent and scope, his winners mentality and above all his striking appearance make him not only the favorite of everyone in the stable but also an absolute public’s favorite, has the innate X-factor and has grown over the years into a real superstar in the showjumping world. After years of performing at the highest level with his rider Harrie Smolders, Emerald’s progency is proving that he is one of the best sires in the World.

Dam Cassiana ECPH was a very talented jumper (pictured), unfortunately injury shifted her to the breeding herd. She is sired by the very well known Cassiano, out of the mare Picarla, a maternal sister to the legendary Mr Blue who is the sire of Zirroco Blue VDL.


This embryo was donated by East Coast Performance Horses and Global Performance Horses, who provided the Emerald service. This is an auction for 1x embryo, stored at Equibreed ART NZ.


TERMS: Read carefully. Storage and transfer fees are to be paid for by the winning bidder. Transfer into the surrogate mare, drugs, grazing and the cost of the surrogate mare is up to the winning bidder. If the surrogate mare does not hold the pregnancy this is at the risk of the winning bidder. Please be advised that there is cost and risk to implanting an embryo.


Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid Auto
lwest 03-12-2023 20:04:07 $4,109.00
furlich123 03-12-2023 20:03:08 $4,009.00
lwest 03-12-2023 20:03:08 $4,000.00 Auto
lwest 03-12-2023 20:01:58 $3,603.00
furlich123 03-12-2023 19:59:59 $3,503.00
lwest 03-12-2023 19:59:59 $3,500.00 Auto
lwest 03-12-2023 19:59:09 $3,232.00 Auto
furlich123 03-12-2023 19:59:09 $3,132.00
lwest 03-12-2023 19:58:03 $2,600.00 Auto
furlich123 03-12-2023 19:58:03 $2,500.00
lwest 03-12-2023 18:46:51 $2,400.00 Auto
Goldstar 03-12-2023 18:46:51 $2,300.00
lwest 03-12-2023 18:26:28 $2,200.00
Goldstar 03-12-2023 08:35:40 $2,100.00
lwest 03-12-2023 08:35:40 $2,000.00 Auto
lwest 02-12-2023 11:28:41 $1,900.00 Auto
Hawkstone 02-12-2023 11:28:41 $1,800.00
lwest 02-12-2023 11:28:18 $1,700.00 Auto
Hawkstone 02-12-2023 11:28:18 $1,600.00
lwest 02-12-2023 08:10:32 $1,500.00 Auto
Goldstar 02-12-2023 08:10:31 $1,400.00
lwest 02-12-2023 08:09:12 $1,300.00 Auto
Goldstar 02-12-2023 08:09:12 $1,200.00
lwest 01-12-2023 20:32:11 $1,100.00
Goldstar 01-12-2023 20:32:11 $1,000.00 Auto
Goldstar 28-11-2023 19:08:46 $900.00 Auto
Hawkstone 28-11-2023 19:08:46 $800.00
Goldstar 28-11-2023 17:15:15 $700.00
Prince97 28-11-2023 13:21:33 $600.00
Goldstar 27-11-2023 18:15:14 $500.00 Auto
Caspian 27-11-2023 18:15:14 $400.00
Goldstar 27-11-2023 18:14:30 $300.00 Auto
Caspian 27-11-2023 18:14:30 $200.00
Goldstar 27-11-2023 18:03:22 $100.00
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