Corofino II Frozen Semen Service

Winning Bid: $1,955.00

Service to one of New Zealand’s influential sires, Corofino II. This service is for 8 straws of frozen semen. This item has been kindly donated by East Coast Performance Horses, all proceeds will go towards supporting the National Young Horse Jumping Championships.

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Item condition: New

Product Description

Service to one of New Zealand’s influential sires, Corofino II. This service is for 8 straws of frozen semen. Corofino II is no longer available at stud to the public so this is a priceless breeding opportunity.


Corofino II is a licensed Holsteiner stallion and champion World Cup Jumper from an internationally successful family, sired by the legendary  Corrado I. Licensed in 1998, Corofino II completed his 30-day stallion test, resulting in impressive scores: 10 for character, 9 for temperament and 10 for Jumping. Classified by the Hanoverian Society, Corofino II was awarded a 10 for his jump and 10 for his canter. Corofino II has had a large influence on equestrian sport, with outstanding progeny such as Windermere Cappucino and McCaw MVNZ. The impact Corofino II has had on New Zealand’s sport horses is remarkable, with his progeny found in the winner’s circle across the disciplines.”


This is an auction for 8 straws of frozen semen, stored at Matamata Veterinary Services. You are able to split the dose, use it for ICIS etc, making this auction fantastic value. Please note, that there is no Live Foal Guarantee. Additional costs i.e. transport and vet costs, do apply.


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furlich123 03-12-2023 20:09:45 $1,955.00 Auto
Georgia 03-12-2023 20:09:45 $1,855.00
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Georgia 03-12-2023 20:07:21 $1,655.00
furlich123 03-12-2023 20:06:35 $1,555.00
Georgia 03-12-2023 20:06:35 $1,500.00 Auto
Georgia 03-12-2023 20:06:18 $1,400.00 Auto
furlich123 03-12-2023 20:06:18 $1,300.00
Georgia 03-12-2023 20:05:56 $1,200.00
furlich123 03-12-2023 20:05:32 $1,100.00
Georgia 03-12-2023 19:44:56 $1,000.00
lwest 03-12-2023 19:44:56 $900.00 Auto
lwest 03-12-2023 19:43:16 $800.00 Auto
Georgia 03-12-2023 19:43:16 $700.00
lwest 03-12-2023 18:29:49 $600.00
Ashstan Sport Horses 27-11-2023 21:44:25 $500.00
jane.shepherd1 27-11-2023 21:44:25 $400.00 Auto
jane.shepherd1 27-11-2023 21:43:14 $300.00 Auto
Ashstan Sport Horses 27-11-2023 21:43:14 $200.00
jane.shepherd1 27-11-2023 18:30:41 $100.00
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