EquiFit D-Tec Front Boots

Winning Bid: $220.00

EquiFit D-Teq front boots (Black w/ Navy Trim) – Size: Medium. Kindly donated by Maddox Equestrian, all proceeds will go to the ESNZ Equine Relief Fund to support those affected by Cyclone Gabrielle.

Item condition: New

Product Description

EquiFit D-Teq front boots (Black w/ Navy Trim) – Size: Medium, valued at $525.


Your defense technology. D-Teq Boots offer the most protection and support on the market today with a molded, custom fit and classic styling. 

The Technical Stuff:

  • Constructed from durable Everleather™ and anatomically molded with a virtually unbreakable outer shell that absorbs impact, shock and vibration and relieves pressure points
  • Removable ImpacTeq™ liners form a protective shield upon impact. They conform to the leg for support and absorb extreme concussion and impact They’re antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry
    • Three 1.25″ wide StretchTeq straps for a customized fit
    • Tab closures offer a secure fit
  • Specialty Liners: SheepsWool ImpacTeq Liners for sensitive horses, Peel Away Liners for horses with hard to fit issues and Knock Knee Liners which provide extra coverage and protection from front interference
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taleofahorse 03-03-2023 19:38:37 $220.00
Emily133 03-03-2023 12:20:44 $200.00 Auto
sophie 03-03-2023 12:20:44 $190.00
Emily133 03-03-2023 09:24:09 $170.00
taleofahorse 03-03-2023 09:24:09 $150.00 Auto
taleofahorse 01-03-2023 19:45:48 $130.00
Emily133 01-03-2023 19:45:33 $110.00 Auto
taleofahorse 01-03-2023 19:45:33 $100.00
Emily133 01-03-2023 18:43:20 $50.00
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